onlinebuyers97-300-leads2Since 1998 has provided over 140,000 Network Marketers/MLM’ers their Leads. We have the best value with quality in Home Based Business and MLM leads! We provide our customers with the freshest, up-to-date leads and information in order to help you and your business succeed.

All of our leads are highly qualified individuals that are interested in getting involved with a home based business. If you’re looking to expand your business, we’ve got the leads and information you need!

Super Premium Short Form MLM Leads provide vital contact information of interested prospects who recently expressed interest in a home business opportunity. What makes these leads so effective is that they originate as Real Time Redirect Leads.

When an individual completes the contact form prior to being redirected to a website, this information is gathered in our leads database. After a short period of time (1 Minute) we make the contact information that was originally obtained, available as a Super Premium Short Form Lead. What makes these leads so powerful is they have had limited exposure, and the prospect has recently visited a home opportunity website.

These leads are REAL TIME SHORT FORM MLM Leads are consistently some of the best performing leads that we offer. All Short Form Leads contain the following contact information: First Name, Last Name, Email, Telephone and IP Address.


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These Leads are amazing! I use these these leads to help grow my business every single day and I share them with my entire organization, not to mention the service is exceptional!!

I love the telephone verified leads and recomend them to all my new enrollees. The fact that you know they just asked for information from a live person gives new people the confidence to talk with posture. Thank you Ron

I've been using these leads for over 2 years now and have built large organizations. Not only are the leads of great quality but the support is excellent. I use a simple six step process to train my team. When you have leads who are all looking to start a home based business, this is a very simple and duplicatable process. Cal Faber Victoria B.C. Canada

I started using and promoting these leads to my customers this past summer and within 2 months, I accumulated close to 200 customers as a result!

After trying many other lead sources and spending a great deal of money I was thrilled to find that the quality and consistency with Lead Power has been wonderful and my team has had some fantastic growth by using the phone interviewed leads.. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to build a business with leads..