How to Use Postcard Marketing for Your Network Marketing Business

Postcard marketing is an ideal tool for promoting a niche business. Instead of sending out thousands of mailers to the entire population of a city, it is smarter to identify a segment of the population that will be interested in your products or services and target only that segment. This strategy is called niche marketing, and postcard marketing is ideally suited to it. It is a way to get maximum bang for your buck. The following are the steps needed to effectively use postcard marketing for your niche business.

Define your potential customers or prospects

Make sure you know what kind of customer will be interested in your niche or who needs it most. To help you with this, go back to past customers and define the demographic. Carry out surveys in the area. By doing your research, you’ll be sure not to miss out on potential customers or waste resources on the wrong prospects. For example, if you sell restaurant-grade kitchen equipment, you should not only target all restaurateurs in your city, but also food trucks and other food vendors. Obviously, you would leave out private residences and offices.

Design and print your cards

When it comes to designing your card, keep it simple yet effective. Don’t try to explain your business, as there won’t be space for that. Postcard marketing is more for lead generation, so just give them the major benefit that the customer will gain and include the name of your website or phone number that they should use to get more information. Make sure there’s a heading that grabs their attention. Keep the font neat and printing costs to a minimum, as one of the benefits of postcard marketing is that it is a cheap and easy way to do targeted marketing. The dimensions of the card should fall within the specified range for first class mail to benefit from the special low postage rates for postcards.

Campaign consistently

Once you start a postcard campaign, you should be regular with your mailings and send them out at least once a month. This way your customers and prospects won’t forget about your business. After the first few months you can analyze the results and change things if need be. Vary the message in the card each time, from publicizing your website to announcing specials and new products. You could also use it to thank customers. If you’re not using postcard marketing for your business, you’re likely missing out on a cheap and effective way to generate leads and promote your business. By doing your research and targeting the right prospects your postcard campaign will start to show results immediately.

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